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Weight Training Program Primer- The Best Beginner Weight Training Program for Men

Becoming an Adonis: Q and A on the best lifting and strength training programs.

weight training program

How much can I expect to gain on a proper weight training program after a few months?

The results you can expect from a weight training program- especially after only a few months--can vary greatly from person to person. Whether you gain two pounds of muscle and a 10 percent increase in strength, seven pounds with a 25 percent increase in strength, or even ten pounds with a 50 percent increase in strength, who knows for sure?

weight raining program

No one can tell you what results you can expect before you even begin. You really can't go into any endeavor in life expecting a certain result. You certainly should NOT make the decision whether to go forward with weight training (or anything else in life) only if you can be guaranteed a certain level of success. If you wait to proceed only after you can be guaranteed that your time and effort will have a significant payoff, you'll never actually begin anything! Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in anything in life.

I can tell you that the progressive, heavy weight lifting is the most effective training regimen I've ever used for packing on muscle and increasing overall strength. There are literally thousands of lifters just like you who would tell you the very same thing. The results you get will depend on your level of commitment, focus, and dedication. Not only in how you apply the principles of the program in the gym, but in the way you feed your body as well.

All you should do is commit yourself to learning all you can about the progressive resistance weight training and put forth your best effort each and every day. The amount of muscle you pack on or the increase in strength you achieve is what you have earned.

I encourage you to go for it!

Strength training and building muscle requires lifting heavy weight. Do you ever get fearful of injury by lifting heavy weight?

No matter how long you’ve been training heavily on the best lifting program, you’ll still find yourself fighting off the fear of attacking the heaviest weight possible. This is something you have to make yourself aware of each time you begin a set.

Dealing with the emotion of fear is a normal part of heavy weight training with progressive overload. If you are truly pushing yourself to train heavier and are always striving to exceed any preconceived limitations you might have, it's totally understandable for you to feel a little anxious before you begin your set.

It's not a big deal if you are fearful from time-to-time. What's most important is how you handle the fear. How you handle your fear is what will determine the level of success you experience with your muscle-building efforts.

My friend weighs 180 pounds. He thinks that he has to eat 5000 calories a day combined with his weekly weight training program to gain the mass he is looking for. I think that is too much for him. What do you think?

The amount of calories you eat is not as important for building muscle as where those calories are coming from. In other words, calories by themselves do not build muscle but an intelligent blend of nutrients does.

To build muscle effectively you need to focus on quality protein consumption along with healthy carbs and fat. This is very helpful in gaining quality muscle while keeping fat to a minimum.

Remember, an abundance of empty calories will not promote muscle growth but it will promote fat gain. That is why you should stick with sources like Whey Isolate and Micellar Casein that yield a lot of quality protein at a controlled calorie level.

If building muscle were simply a question of eating more calories then Big Macs and ice-cream would be staples to my diet. Wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy?

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